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Why Commercial Cleaning?

Cleaning has been around for hundreds of years and there will always be a need for commercial cleaning services - even during tough economic times. This makes commercial cleaning a truly recession resistant franchise opportunity. Just drive down the street and every business you see is being cleaned by someone, whether it's a healthcare facility, auto dealership, office, bank, or any other type of business.

Commercial cleaning can never be replaced by the internet or outsourced to another country, taking all the jobs along with it. It’s a stable business with an ever-growing need for service.

The commercial cleaning industry generates $100 billion annually in the U.S. and is expected to have double digit growth in the coming years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics it is one of the fastest growing business opportunities with almost 90 billion square feet of commercial floor space in the U.S. alone. You will never run out of franchises to sell or buildings to clean! In addition, the market is fragmented - not dominated by a few companies, which allows ease of access to the market with Anago's branded Master concept. Even minimal market share can translate to high revenue for the Master Owner, making Anago a top franchise to invest in.


  • This is a huge industry! It's currently at over $100 billion annually and has projected double-digit growth. You will never run out of cleaning franchises to sell or buildings to have cleaned.
  • It is a stable business model. Cleaning has been around since the beginning of time and is not trend dependent.
  • This is a recurring revenue franchise model based on annual contracts, so you have predictable cash flow every month - unlike other franchises where your cash flow can be dependent on one big sale or a particular season of the year.
  • It is truly a recession-resistant industry. Just drive down the street and count all the businesses you see. Every one of them needs to be cleaned! Even during the recent recessions, people were losing their jobs, but businesses stayed open and still needed to be cleaned.
  • The competition is fragmented - not dominated by a few companies, which positions Anago as a leader with our top-rated Master Concept.
  • Minimal market share can translate to high revenue for the Master Owner.
  • Low overhead franchise model with fast ramp up.
  • Multiple revenue streams for the Master.

Hear What Our Master Franchisees Have to Say

Don't just take our word for it, we've asked our Franchisees to share their insights and experiences as Anago Master Franchise owners. You'll hear how Anago has positively affected not only their lives, but also the lives of their families, employees, and Unit Franchisees.

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