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Is A Master Franchise Right For You?

Anago's top Master Franchisees are former mid-to-senior level executives with strong sales, marketing and management backgrounds. While our Franchisees come from many different walks of life, and are not always executives, the ability to recruit, direct, and manage highly motivated sales personnel is key.

The ideal candidate for this outstanding business opportunity is an individual looking to build a franchise business empire in a major metropolitan area. Building residual wealth through Anago's Master Franchise concept is not for everyone, but offers more growth potential and revenue streams than a traditional franchise, and is the best franchise opportunity to invest in.

Franchisees past lives have been
  • Marketing Specialists
  • CEOs
  • Senior Executives
  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Sales Executives
  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs

Anago's Master Owners are former CEOs, VPs, and Senior Executives from a wide variety of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, advertising, telecommunications, and healthcare.

An ideal Anago Master Owner must be driven, self-motivated and have support from family and friends. They must be willing and enthusiastic about following Anago's time-tested systems. Why would you buy a franchise if you just wanted to turn around and reinvent the wheel?

Prospective Master candidates must also meet financial requirements to purchase and support their Master territory. Franchise fees are $98K for most U.S. and Canadian territories, and the total amount of working capital required is $219K - $339K, including the franchise fee. If you are looking for a lower-cost cleaning franchise opportunity, please click here to learn more about our Unit Franchises.

It's important to note that an Anago Master Franchise Owner is a white-collar business executive. They do not clean and do not manage cleaning crews, that's the responsibility of their Unit Franchisees.


  • Mid to Senior Level Executive
  • Strong sales, marketing and management background
  • Develop your client base through sales and marketing efforts
  • Ability to recruit, direct, and manage highly motivated sales personnel
  • Meets financial requirements
  • An Anago Master Owner is a white-collar business executive; they do not clean and do not manage cleaning crews, that's the responsibility of their Unit Franchisees

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